We provide access to granular building and energy data that make the following initiatives possible:

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    Ingestion of data flows from renewables (e.g. solar, wind)

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    Development of alarming and alerting protocols

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    Integration of advanced operations and service center functionality

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    Testing and evaluation of new building control installations

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    Enable Peak Load Management functions

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    Trending and tagging of Building Automation Systems data flows

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    Facilitate participation in Demand Response programs

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A Proven System for Data Collection & Visualization

For organizations that manage real estate, we have a proven system for collecting and managing building operations and energy data. Our low-cost Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) product is easy to set up and in most cases costs less than $1,000 per building. It also works with buildings with HVAC control systems by different vendors.

Having real-time granular performance data for your buildings is invaluable for catching issues, lowering operating and energy cost and generating custom reports. All of this information lives in a secure cloud and is accessible via a single log-on. Learn more about how we can help unlock your building data in five steps.

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Custom Solutions for Complex Problems

For clients including manufacturers, municipalities and renewable energy companies, we have designed, developed and deployed customized solutions that utilize open source technologies, including Eclipse VOLTTRON.

We leverage best practices in distributed systems design to ensure that the resulting architectures incorporate the state of the art in security and cloud technologies. Learn more about the many technologies we deploy to our clients.

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Ongoing Support

We bring industry standard observability tools to enable efficient troubleshooting, monitoring and maintenance of applications running on the Eclipse VOLTTRON™ platform. The tools include log management dashboards, system metrics from every layer of the infrastructure and advanced performance monitoring. We stand by our work.

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