Optimize HVAC data management easily

SkyHook is a powerful tool for acquiring data from HVAC systems, power meters, Distributed Energy Systems (DERS) and connected equipment in smart buildings.

Gathering building data effortlessly

SkyHook integrates seamlessly into legacy systems and enables rapid onboarding of buildings into ACE IoT’s FlightDeck and/or into a system like SkySpark.

Our Customer Success Team handles pre-configuration of the hardware, and provides ongoing system maintenance, supporting your business from install to everyday usage. 

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SkyHook can gather data points from:

  • Process Equipment
  • IoT Sensors
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • Power Meters/Power Distribution Units
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Solar/Storage Infrastructure

Seamless data acquisition from legacy systems

Easy to Install

SkyHook is deployed as a preconfigured X86 computer or virtual machine image (VM), making it a breeze for us to install and get up and running on-site.

Low maintenance costs

SkyHook can integrate seamlessly with existing legacy systems and infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly upgrades or replacements down the line.

Secure an independent source of data

Smart building solution providers deploy SkyHook in buildings to establish a data pipeline that is independent from both HVAC control systems and from any smart building applications (e.g., AFDD).

Often referred to as an Independent Data Layer (or “IDL”), the data pipeline established by SkyHook provides Smart buildings solutions with a source of vital data without depending on BAS control vendors.

Seamless, pre-configured and flexible integration

The engine of SkyHook is Eclipse VOLTTRON. ACE IoT pre-configures an X86 computer or virtual machine image (VM) with an image of Eclipse VOLTTRON that integrates readily with the Aerodrome suite, including FlightDeck and Navigator.

Powered by Volttron

SkyHook is ACE IoT’s customized Eclipse VOLTTRON platform, deployed as a preconfigured X86 computer or virtual machine image (VM).

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