To help our clients acquire, ingest, store and analyze data, we have utilized the following technologies to develop architectures that best fit our clients’ technical requirements and organizational objectives:

  • Ansible Logo


    Provisioning service for VM images & static infrastructure

  • AWS Kinesis Logo

    AWS Kinesis Streams & Firehose

    Data streaming

  • CrateDB logo


    Distributed IoT focused database

  • Elasticsearch Logo

    Elasticsearch, Logstash, 
and Kibana (ELK) stack

    Log processing, aggregation and exploration

  • Grafana Logo


    System monitoring and analysis

  • Kafka Streams Logo

    Kafka Streams

    Stream processing and ingestion platform

  • Kubernetes Logo


    Application workload orchestration framework

  • Packer Logo


    Automation tool for image management

  • Prometheus Logo


    Platform for system metrics

  • RabbitMQ Logo


    Streaming data framework used by VOLTTRON for high performance data throughput

  • Redshift Logo


    Data warehouse as a service

  • Terraform Logo


    Orchestration for cloud infrastructure configuration & scaling

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We’re Eclipse VOLTTRON Experts.

In addition to the technology above, we have extensive experience with all levels of the Eclipse VOLTTRON platform, including deploying robust architectures, enhancing security and resiliency of existing deployments and developing custom integrations and agents.

As a key member of the Eclipse VOLTTRON development ecosystem, our team has provided support and expertise to several initiatives making use of the technology and to the strategic direction of the platform.

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