Powering smart building management

Aerodrome is a cutting-edge data acquisition and data management suite developed to meet the unique objectives of smart building and energy efficiency solution providers.


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Gathering building data effortlessly

Powering Aerodrome are multi-tenant cloud infrastructure and open source technologies including Eclipse VOLTTRON, a hyper-secure, interoperable, scalable, and open-source software platform sponsored by the US Department of Energy.

Aerodrome’s architecture enables ACE IoT to offer you or your clients a powerful environment for data management and visualization that is both cost effective and customizable.

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Made with cutting-edge tools

To help our customers acquire, process, store and analyze data, we use the best-in-class technologies to meet our clients’ technical requirements and organizational objectives:

  • Provisioning service for VM images & static infrastructure
  • Data streaming
  • System monitoring and analysis
  • Stream processing and ingestion platform
  • Tailscale provides a secure, resilient and segmented overlay network solution that makes our deployments fast
  • Application workload orchestration framework
  • Automation tool for image management
  • Data warehouse as a service
  • Orchestration for cloud infrastructure configuration & scaling
  • Platform for system metrics
  • Streaming data framework used by VOLTTRON for high performance data throughput

Crafted for pioneers like you

Leading providers of smart building and energy efficiency solutions select Aerodrome because it provides easy-to-deploy and customizable tools for data normalization– without the complexity of custom software development, the limits of programming data trending in a Building Automation System and the cost of establishing and operating cloud infrastructure.

Various coding languages speaking to each other.

Never lost in translation

ACE IoT employs widely-used software languages. Data gathering, analyzing, and management is easy when your applications can communicate seamlessly in major coding languages including:

With Aerodrome, smart building solution providers get:

  • Precision

    Solutions designed for your industry-friendly customization

    Aerodrome was purpose-built for energy engineers, commissioning agents, energy efficiency specialists and building designers.

  • Flexibility

    Adaptable, future-friendly customization

    Aerodrome's unmatched customization options free you from the constraints of one-size-fits-all solutions, providing the flexibility to choose application vendors and adapt a building’s data management infrastructure as you and your client’s goals evolve.

  • Confidence

    Secure smart building deployments

    Aerodrome’s open-source foundation ensures visibility into its functionality, offering a risk-based approach to cybersecurity that’s aligned with industry best practices.

  • Savings

    Benefit from cost-effective excellence

    Aerodrome ensures budget-friendly smart building solutions with an accessible pricing model. Effortlessly deploy and accelerate your initiatives without extensive resources or dedicated teams.

  • Control

    Contextualize your data and simplify ops

    Aerodrome's user-friendly interfaces and operational support by ACE IoT’s Customer Success Team put you in control, helping you to make informed decisions easily and to minimize the complexities of managing technology and infrastructure.

  • Freedom

    Escape vendor lock-in and adapt easily

    Aerodrome's open-source architecture liberates our customers and their organizations from the risks of relying on a single proprietary solution, empowering smart building providers to offer  innovative solutions for their customers while controlling costs.

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