Your data management command center

FlightDeck is a front-end interface designed to simplify data normalization.

Helpful and effective data normalization

FlightDeck consolidates SkyHook data into a single portal, so smart building solution providers  can tag, sort and normalize data, regardless of the data’s originating equipment or device. 

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A stylized laptop with the Flightdeck interface showing a pop-up for adding marker tags.

An advanced data management interface

Customize pipelines freely

Use FlightDeck to manage the data that SkyHook collects and customize data collection without requiring extensive custom software development.

Normalize incoming data

Enabling both key value and marker tags, smart building solution providers can use FlightDeck to organize data collected by a SkyHook.

Sort ontologically

Flight Deck is designed to help smart building solution providers implement data ontologies, including Brick Schema or Project Haystack. A commitment to a specific data tagging ontology is not a prerequisite for FlightDeck.

Manage and normalize vital data

FlightDeck provides helpful tools that smart building providers can use to sort and tag data collected via SkyHook and visualized via Navigator.

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