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Originally developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Eclipse VOLTTRON provides a critical integrative layer where data from devices including controllers, switches, meters is collected and managed.

Deploying Across a Portfolio of Buildings Delivers Proven Results

Since 2017, we have acted as the technological lead for the country’s largest municipal deployment of the open source Eclipse VOLTTRON energy data platform. Washington DC’s deployment, encompassing more than 60 buildings and generating more than 2.5 billion data points, has helped the city save more than $4 million in energy costs and is projected to reduce by 70,000 tons carbon dioxide emissions by 2020.

The City of Washington DC uses Eclipse VOLTTRON™ energy platform to accomplish the following:

  • Realize Gains in Energy Efficiency

  • Coordinate Distributed Energy Resources (including wind, solar generation and battery storage)

  • Validate Performance Contracts and Facilitate Measurement and Verification

  • Pursue Use Cases Including Fault Detection, Constant Commissioning & Participation in Demand Response Programs

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Eclipse VOLTTRON™ acts as valuable middleware providing organizations with a single interface to manage infrastructure data streams from devices including heat, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) systems, electric vehicle chargers and distributed energy resources (e.g. renewables and batteries).

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Eclipse VOLTTRON™ is Open Source

Eclipse VOLTTRON™ is vendor neutral, platform agnostic and supported by an active community of open source contributors. It is available on GitHub. Organizations license Eclipse VOLTTRON™ under a modified BSD license.

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