Join Us!

Someday very soon, we will host a one-day gathering to explore the current value and future promise of open systems for energy and operations applications.

At the UnConference, you will have access to a diverse array of experts from the open systems ecosystem. Speakers from municipalities, universities, and utilities will give brief talks and join Q&A panels. Application developers, research entities and other experts will present rapid-fire snapshots of solutions and initiatives that leverage open systems.

We will explore the value of current open systems deployments, discuss the art of the possible and identify opportunities for collaboration. We will do so without long-winded presentations and sales pitches.

We will be in-touch about when and/or how, the Unconference will proceed. In the meantime, our best wishes to all.


We’ve got a great lineup of speakers + panelists. We are continuing to add speakers and sessions. Here’s what we have on the books thus far.

  1. Welcome & Preview of the Day

    • Bill Maguire

      ACE IoT Solutions

  2. How / Why – Facilities Data Acquisition & Management

    • Tim Pryor

      Penn State University

    • Lincoln Harmer

      KW Energy

    • Zach Wilson

      New City Energy

    • Matthew Knight

      EMR Associates

  3. Moderated Discussion w/ Panelists

    • George Hernandez (Moderator)


  4. Local Coffee & Networking Break

  5. How / Why – Ancillary Grid Services

    • Bora Akyol


    • Chuck Thomas

      EPRI (Invited)

    • David Raker

      University of Toledo

  6. Moderated Discussion w/ Panelists

  7. Lunch Break

  8. Working Lunch – Interview with PSU re "Implementing Robust Operations Technology (OT) Networks"

    • Tim Pryor

      Penn State University

    • Andrew Rodgers

      ACE IoT Solutions

  9. Applications Leveraging Open Systems

    • Ryan Holy

      Onboard Data

    • Terry Herr


    • Ken Byrd

      NextWatts (invited)

  10. Moderated Discussion w/ Panelists

  11. Discussion – Open Source Systems and Security

    • Chance Younkin


    • Scott Christensen


    • Andrew Rodgers

      ACE IoT Solutions

  12. Local Coffee Break

  13. Federal Initiatives, Regulations and Trends

    • Brenna Walraven (Moderator)

      Corporate Sustainability Strategies (invited)

    • Osman Ahmed


    • Chris CarraDonna

      NREL (invited)

    • Joe Hagerman


  14. Local Initiatives, Regulations and Trends

    • Erik Schmidt (Moderator)

      City of Chattanooga

    • Wendy Lee

      NRDC (invited)

    • Kelley Cureton


  15. Utility-focused Initiatives, Regulations and Trends

    • Joe Hagerman (Moderator)


    • Bill Copeland


    • Justin Hill

      Southern Company Services

    • Sam Delay

      TVA (invited)

  16. Looking Ahead – Trendlines for Smart Buildings

    • Glen Allmendinger

      Harbor Research (invited)

  17. Taste of Chattanooga – Local Food + Beer Reception

    • Greenspaces Chattanooga

      63 East Main Street


The New York Times named Chattanooga one of the “Top 45 Places to go” in the world. The city’s mix of outdoor activities and thriving technology scene is truly unique. We love this place and think you will too.

The UnConference will be hosted at The Edney Innovation Center, a recently renovated building that is emblematic of the resurgence of downtown Chattanooga.