Smart building support for smart folks

ACE IoT offers secure, fast and flexible infrastructure data management on a gateway that integrates easily with your existing systems.

Plus, for $100/month we offer dependable support and data storage without point-counts and other headaches of your old lock-in contract.

Our 5 easy steps to durable data freedom

  • Get our pre-configured ACE IoT Gateway

    We’ll ship a standalone Edge computer running Eclipse VOLTTRON software. A single building needs only one ACE IoT Gateway. It’ll be ready to go out-of-the-box but if you need help installing it, we’re here for you.

  • Connect to the cloud

    A member of your team will connect the ACE IoT Gateway to your existing Building Automation System (BAS) and communications network. This process is quick and usually takes under two hours.

  • Integrate and manage data

    Data automatically flows to the ACE IoT Secure VOLTTRON Cloud, and collects available metadata on the system. This enables easy data enrichment on the platform.

  • Data delivery

    Tell us your preferred system and ACE IoT will deliver the data to your chosen endpoint. Done. Easy. Painless. Was it magic? Yeah, probably. Or it's just that we never hold your data for ransom like some other guys.

  • Ongoing support

    Once your new ACE Gateway is up and running, we monitor the edge device to make sure your data flows stay reliable and secure. Yup, we give your OT systems the same attention that IT systems receive as a matter of course.

  • A stylized illustration of a laptop computer showing a stylized example of the Grafana interface with Ace IoT succesfully running.

    Aces! You’re all set up

    Now let’s see some results! Ingest real-time data trends into your favorite analytics package. Create user-specific data reports, dashboards and visualizations with Grafana--a free, powerful, and open-source dashboarding tool.

Ready to fly with ACE?

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