Our secure, interoperable & flexible platform

ACE IoT offers a robust, scalable SaaS model for turnkey data service using fully supported modular hardware.

Let’s take a look under the hood.

ACE Iot Platform Features

  • Built for OT network environments

    A modular build gives ACE IoT's solution flexibility and resilience. Our tools are designed to get the most out of over-burdened or brittle OT systems. This means you won’t have to scrap your current OT network in order see results from an ACE IoT deployment.

  • Secure enough for the DoE

    ACE IoT uses the Eclipse VOLTTRON platform to collect, analyze and manage data from a wide array of devices. VOLTTRON is a hyper-secure, interoperable, scalable, and open-source software platform sponsored by the US Department of Energy and evaluated by PNNL's Cybersecurity experts.

  • Actually actionable data viz

    We implement client-specific dashboards for data visualization using Grafana. Customizable, interactive dashboards provide our customers with enhanced observability ranging from the granular operation of specific HVAC equipment to the energy-optimized performance of a portfolio of buildings.

  • Never lost in translation

    ACE IoT employs widely-used software languages. Data gathering, analyzing, and management is easy when your applications can communicate seamlessly in major coding languages including:

  • Made with cutting-edge tools

    To help our customers acquire, process, store and analyze data, we use the best-in-class technologies listed below to meet our clients’ technical requirements and organizational objectives:

    • Provisioning service for VM images & static infrastructure
    • Data streaming
    • System monitoring and analysis
    • Stream processing and ingestion platform
    • Tailscale provides a secure, resilient and segmented overlay network solution that makes our deployments fast
    • Application workload orchestration framework
    • Automation tool for image management
    • Data warehouse as a service
    • Orchestration for cloud infrastructure configuration & scaling
    • Platform for system metrics
    • Streaming data framework used by VOLTTRON for high performance data throughput

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