ACE IoT’s Managed Cloud Platform is now ACE Aerodrome. ACE Aerodrome, like the Managed Cloud Platform, establishes and supports an Independent Data Layer (“IDL”) solution in buildings. Also like the Managed Cloud Platform, ACE Aerodrome leverages open-source technologies, including Eclipse VOLTTRON. Unlike the Managed Cloud Platform, ACE Aerodrome has new robust self-service tools that ACE IoT’s customers can use to refine and adjust an Aerodrome-enabled IDL deployment.

Additionally, whereas the Managed Cloud Platform included a converged set of broad capabilities, ACE Aerodrome is defined by three delineated components: SkyHook, FlightDeck and Navigator. SkyHook, FlightDeck and Navigator are the first three components of the ACE Aerodrome. The Aerodrome Suite will continue to grow as we release additional self-service tools in the months to come.

If you are an existing ACE IoT customer, please rest assured—ACE Aerodrome includes all the power and convenience that you have come to expect from the Managed Cloud Platform. Moreover, ACE IoT’s commitment to helping our customers solve problems is unchanged. We encourage you to explore the new self-service tools that are available via FlightDeck. Chart your course!

New to ACE IoT? Or perhaps you have not checked us out recently? We hope that the introduction of ACE Aerodrome provides a great reason to set-up a time to have an Intro (or Re-intro) call with ACE IoT. We would be pleased to provide a brief demo of Aerodrome and we would be thrilled to learn about how your organization acquires and uses data from building systems to inform and enable your objectives. Let’s connect soon!

About ACE Aerodrome

ACE IoT’s Aerodrome is a customizable, easy to deploy product suite for organizations offering smart building and energy efficiency solutions. Aerodrome includes a multi-tenant cloud that enables ACE IoT’s data acquisition, management and visualization tools. Leveraging Aerodrome, Smart Building solution providers can use open-source alternatives to inflexible, vendor-specific technologies—without responsibility for operating and maintaining cloud infrastructure.

The ACE Aerodrome Suite has three primary components: SkyHook, FlightDeck and Navigator. SkyHook is a gateway and serves as the local host for the data acquisition engine. FlightDeck is the command center for data collections and normalization. Navigator is a visualization tool and engine for rule-based monitoring and alarms. Each component is designed to work together seamlessly.

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Let’s consider what each component means for ACE IoT customers.

skyhookSkyHook is a powerful tool for acquiring data from HVAC systems, power meters, DERs and connected equipment in buildings. SkyHook facilitates the rapid onboarding of buildings—enabling ACE IoT customers to avoid frustrating onboarding delays. Powered by the open source VOLTTRON technology, SkyHook enables control over smart building applications, supports resilient operation, and opens pathways to offer innovative Smart Building solutions—without over-reliance on BAS control vendors.

flightdeckFlightDeck is a personalized, customer-facing front-end for managing data and data flows in Aerodrome. Initially built to enable ACE IoT’s team to manage data flows from hundreds of buildings, FlightDeck is available for customers who seek unparalleled control of data that power Smart Building solutions. Customers use FlightDeck to customize their data pipelines to meet their need—without extensive custom software development.

navigator Navigator offers ACE IoT customers access to a curated library of data visualization templates that bring to life data in Aerodrome. Powered by the open source Grafana technology, Navigator enables customers to transform data into actionable insights. With Navigator, customers can assemble and customize data dashboards for use by a range of Smart Building stakeholders–without the prohibitively high cost of widely-used data visualization options.

Powerful Self-Service Tools for ACE IoT’s Customers

Using FlightDeck and Navigator, ACE IoT’s customers can chart, implement, visualize and track their own data acquisition and data management paths. Here are a few examples of how ACE IoT customers are using Aerodrome’s self-service tools.

• Normalize incoming data. With FlightDeck, apply an interoperable ontology or your own tagging standard to easily slice, dice and organize data collected by a SkyHook gateway. With tagging in place, a smart building solutions provider can apply trends to a batch of easily sorted data—often this can be a faster alternative to tedious work programming trends in the control system.

• Sort data ontologically Using FlightDeck, easily apply smart building data ontologies, including Brick Schema or Project Haystack. Importantly, a commitment to a specific data tagging ontology is not a prerequisite for using FlightDeck. Customers can use FlightDeck to illustrate the value of tagging data without an up-front commitment to tagging a whole building.

• Build customized dashboards. Using Navigator, apply a curated library of data visualization templates and bring time series data to life. ACE IoT customers create and customize data dashboards for use by specific Smart Building stakeholders, including building operators, energy efficiency experts and C-suite executives.

• Make monthly or quarterly reporting a breeze. With Navigator, calculate and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time, empowering you to make informed decisions based on up-to-date information. Easily download or share your real-time KPI reports with key stakeholders.

ACE Aerodrome Represents a Next Chapter for ACE IoT and our Customers

For nearly 6-years, ACE IoT Solutions has worked as “data plumbers”—supporting the efforts of entities charged with optimizing the efficient operation of buildings. We designed and established ACE IoT’s Managed Cloud Platform to apply modern technology architectures and open-source software tools to stubborn challenges around data acquisition and data normalization. ACE IoT’s customers have deployed our technology in hundreds of buildings across the globe.

In close collaboration with our customers, we have learned a lot about the technology tools that establish and support key data pipelines necessary for effective building optimization projects. Aerodrome incorporates these learning and represents a next chapter for ACE IoT and our customers.

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